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Product Introduction

Fine Blanking Products

  1. 1. Compared to POWER PRESS products, our products have the following characteristics: The total cross section is clean; There is no curvature; The flatness of the adhesive surface is excellent; and They compensate for quality defects compared to existing products.
  2. 2. By maximizing the rust-prevention effect, we introduced an excellent oxy nitriding process method instead of the conventional galvanizing method, which is poisonous, contribute to pollution prevention and apply an eco-friendly cutting-edge rust prevention method that can withstand even harsher external environmental conditions than the 500-hour salt spray test.
BP(Backing Plate)

Back Plats for Automobile Brakes

  • Perfect total cross section through fine blanking processing
  • Excellent precision and flatness compared to general blanking
Transmission Parts
  • Standard/Customized design available
  • Various notch profile
  • In house capability for heat treatment
Recliner, Valve Plate, and Door Lock (in preparation)
  • Forming with various materials such as high carbon steel,
    alloy steel, and high-tensile plate material is possible.