2018 Renewal of IATF 16949 ; 2016
Approval 4M(Mando/Mobis/Erae-automotive) in Asan factory
2017 Acqusition of SQ certificate(grade "A" for press)
Acqusition of CQI-9 certificate
2016 Started construction of Asan factory
2014 ISO14001 Acquisition of Certificate
2013 Started production of brake pad of cars as OEM
2012 Patent captured (Blanking Processing Rotation Brushing Unit for Brake Pad)
Patent captured (Burr Eliminate Device of Blanking Processing Back Plate for Brake Pad)
2010 Selected as small and medium sized business of technology innovation (INNO-BIZ)
Certificate of Venture Enterprise Captured
Certificate of Foundation of R&D Center
2009 ISO/TS 16949 ; 2009 Acquisition of Certificates
2008 Acquisition of SQ Certificate
Enlarged Factory (960m2) and Started Production of Brake Pad and Lining
2006 Completed construction of FINETRO Factory (located at Uiryeong-gun, Kyeongnam, 16,967m2) and started to produce Fine Blanking Product
Established FINETRO Co.,Ltd with one hundred million won as capital. Now, the capital is 15billion won.